Debit Cards

TOPCU offers members the ease and convenience of accessing your checking account electronically using a debit card to make a purchase, without having to write a check. For your account security, remember that withdrawals come directly out of your account, so it’s important to protect your card and PIN. If you are traveling outside of United States and want to use your debit card, please check with us first.

Click here for important information about your new TOPCU EMV Debit Card.

Activating Your Debit Card

Activate your card by dialing : 1-800-631-3197
1. Choose your language option
2. Follow the prompts to enter your card number
3. Follow the prompts to verify the cardholder
4. Once the process is complete, hang up

Changing Your PIN (Personal Identification Number)

Change your PIN by dialing 1-888-886-0083
1. Choose your language option
2. Follow the prompts to enter your card number
3. To change your PIN press 1
4. Follow the prompts to verify the cardholder
5. Follow the prompts to choose your PIN
6. Once the process is complete, hang up

Blocking your Debit Card Online

Blocking your Debit Card Online
1. Log on to online banking
a. Don’t have a user id? Click on “Not Enrolled, Enroll Now!”
2. Click on settings
3. Click settings
4. Click on ATM/Debit Card
5. Check the box next to Block
6. Click submit

TOPCU Lost/Stolen Debit Cards

During Business Hours:

1. Call (520) 881-6262, option 1.
2. If you are calling long distance, dial 1-800-440-8328.

You may also call outside of TOPCU’s regular business hours:

1. In the US or toll free the number is 866-553-2941
2. For calls outside the US or collect the number is 727-299-2449

At TOPCU, we are working hard to protect you from identity theft. Identity theft can take the form of acquiring the information from your debit card and using it for fraudulent transactions. The information is often sold to various organized crime groups around the world, and transactions are processed outside of the United States.

To protect you from this type of activity, we have identified several countries where these transactions are occurring. We have blocked all debit card activity from these countries, which means that you will not be able to access your account with your debit card when you are travelling to a blocked country. But more importantly, criminals who attempt to access your account fraudulently will not be able to do so either due to our blocks.

Our current list of blocked countries includes Japan, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Sierra Leone, and the countries that were part of the former Soviet Union. Because this is an evolving problem, we may update our list from time to time as we identify areas of high fraudulent activity.

Setting up Visa Purchase Alerts
With TOPCU account alerts powered by Visa, you can receive near real-time updates on your Visa® credit or debit card activity. So you can act quickly to help reduce fraud and monitor your account, wherever you are. After your Visa card has been used, you’ll receive an alert through text message or email. If there is fraudulent activity, you can find out within minutes and act quickly to resolve the situation.

How you use the service is up to you. You can choose to receive alerts when your Visa card is used for purchases over a specified amount, online transactions, purchases outside the United States, and more. You can even customize the purchase amount threshold—for example, setting it to only receive alerts for purchases above $50.

Select the delivery options that best meet your needs, with text messages, emails, or both for extra security and convenience. Each alert contains important information, including the purchase amount, merchant name and location (if available), and the last [four] digits of the Visa card used to keep you best informed.

All this for free for TOPCU Visa cardholders. Click here to sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts today.

Disclosure: Actual time to receive Alerts powered by Visa dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Alerts service may not be available in all areas. Gasoline alerts may not include purchase amount. Account activity qualifying for Alert service may vary by issuer. Additional restrictions apply.