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If you have not received a new debit card OR if you have received a new EMV chip debit card and have not activated it, PLEASE NOTE that the old, non-chip enabled debit cards WILL STOP WORKING on Monday, October 2!

New debit cards with new card numbers and expiration dates were mailed to all current TOPCU debit card holders in August. Many of those cards were returned to us with bad addresses. If you have moved and have not notified TOPCU, you are missing very important information about your accounts like the EMV debit card re-issue.

Why did we re-issue debit cards? TOPCU debit cards are now equipped with EMV chip technology, the industry standard for card security. The fraud-fighting capabilities make your new card nearly impossible to duplicate. Not only are the cards equipped with the EMV chip technology but also a conventional magnetic strip, which means you will still be able to use your card at merchants who are not yet EMV chip equipped. To further enhance card security, we have combined the EMV chip technology with expiration date matching. Expiration date matching will require specific expiration date information prior to an approved transaction.

For more details, Click here to view the EMV Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions please contact our Service Team at (520) 881-6262 ext. 702.