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It’s easy to get started! Simply choose one of the two options below.


Option One – Pre-approval

  1. Visit a TOPCU branch, over the phone, or on-line by logging into your TOPCU account
  2. If approved, go pick out your bicycle at a local bicycle shop and have them give you an itemized invoice showing the total purchase price (including accessories)**
  3. Go to a TOPCU branch to finish signing the loan documents.
    TOPCU will issue a check made payable to the bicycle shop and yourself for up to 100% of the total purchase price (including accessories)**
  4. Take the check to the bicycle shop and complete your purchase.


Option Two

  1. Purchase the bicycle, along with any accessories**
  2. Go to a TOPCU branch with your receipt of purchase within two weeks of purchase date (receipt must be itemized)
  3. If approved for the loan, TOPCU will reimburse 100% of the total bicycle/accessory cost.

*APR=ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE. Approval is based on your credit history and credit qualifications. Minimum $500; maximum $7500. Maximum loan term is 36 months. Applies to new purchase only. Additional terms may apply. Contact TOPCU for more information.
**Total purchase price, including accessories, cannot exceed 120% of the retail price of the bicycle.


Rates may be fixed or variable and may include discounts or other promotional conditions. Rates are subject to change without notice.