TOP Star Youth Accounts: It’s never too early to start saving!

TOPCU’s TOP Star program is designed to help young members of all ages to get an early start on understanding the importance of saving money and financial responsibility. Kids, teens, and young adults are encouraged to take part in the TOP Star program to enhance their knowledge of banking and financial services, and to learn early on how that knowledge will benefit them throughout the many milestones in life. Additional TOPCU products can be added along the way, so as they grow, their account will grow with them!

What are the benefits of being a TOP Star member?

There are many benefits to learning about the importance of money and saving at a young age. For our TOP Star Kids, we have the TOP Star Store where TOP Star Dollars can be redeemed to buy goodies, gift cards and more.

How To Earn TOP Star Dollars

Here are the documents needed to open a TOP Star Account:

Open Account Documents Needed_TOP Star Kid
Open Account Documents Needed_TOP Star Teen
Open Account Documents Needed_TOP Star Young Adult

How does a TOP Star Member earn TOP Star Dollars:

  • Bring in Account Register (Passbook) = 1 TOP Star Dollar
  • Bring in your current report card = 1 TOP Star Dollar
    For Every “A” (or equivalent) earn 2 TOP Star Dollars
    For Every “B” (or equivalent) earn 1 TOP Star Dollar
  • Make any Deposit = 1 TOP Star Dollar
    Deposits over $25 earn 1 TOP Star Dollar
    Earn another TOP Star Dollar when Account Balance Reaches $100.00
  • Wear your TOPCU TOP Star Wristband When Visiting the Credit Union = 1 TOP Star Dollar
  • Attend a TOPCU event = 5 TOP Star Dollars
  • Participate in a TOPCU Contest or Activity = 1 TOP Star Dollar
  • Bring in Birthday Email = 5 TOP Star Dollars


Rates may be fixed or variable and may include discounts or other promotional conditions. Rates are subject to change without notice.