TOPCU Payroll Deduction

If you are a City of Tucson employee, you are eligible for our payroll deduction service. Through this plan, you can specify any dollar amount to be automatically deducted from your paycheck and distributed to any of your TOPCU accounts. The specified amount will be credited each pay period. There is no charge for this service, and you may change the amount deposited at any time.

To start your payroll deduction, simply sign an authorization form indicating the amount you wish to withhold and turn it in to TOPCU. These forms are available at all of our branches.

If you need assistance or additional information about direct deposit and payroll deduction, e-mail or call us at (520) 881-6262 (local), ext. 702, or toll-free at 1-800-440-8328.


Rates may be fixed or variable and may include discounts or other promotional conditions. Rates are subject to change without notice.