TOPCU NetTeller Online Banking FAQ

What online financial services are available at TOPCU

  • Share-to-share transfers and share-to-loan transfers
  • Loan advances to shares or a check
  • Account inquiries, balances and history
  • Ability to change PIN and password
  • Print account information
  • Download data to personal financial software (Quicken 2004 (or older) or MS Money)
  • Search for a specific check by number
  • Purchase a share certificate
  • Member-to-member transfers
  • Reorder checks
  • Report lost or stolen debit and ATM cards
  • Sign up for e-Statements
  • Maintain e-mail addresses
  • Change your mailing address

What do I need to access TOPCU Online services?

  • A computer with Internet connectivity hardware (broadband (wired/wireless) or dialup (modem)
  • An Internet service provider account that supports your hardware
  • One of the following browsers: Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7
  • A TOPCU Phone Branch PIN

How do I start?

Call us at (520) 881-6262 ext. 702, or toll-free at (800) 440-8328. When you call, a representative will verify your information and set up your Phone Branch PIN. You can also email us at to request access to online financial services. To ensure your account security, we’ll be back in touch to verify your information.

Member Security

To ensure protection of your confidential data, TOPCU’s online service employs two forms of security: Dual Password Protection and Data Encryption.

Dual Password Protection

Requires the user to enter a second password in addition to the four-digit Phone Branch PIN to ensure that unauthorized users do not access your information.

Data Encryption

Is a process that transposes the information sent from our server to your browser into a code that cannot be understood or altered without using a key. This key deciphers the information from our server so it can display on your browser.

There are two levels of RSA data encryption that our server will provide: 40-bit and 128-bit. 40-bit data encryption is the standard method used all over the world for electronic commerce. The use of 128-bit data encryption outside of the United States is strictly prohibited by the U.S. Department of Defense; therefore, only 40-bit data encryption is currently available for users outside of the United States.

Network Security

The second facet of our security is protection of the Credit Union’s internal network and member information. Internet transactions are routed via a T-1 connection. When they reach our router, the traffic is either sent to the Online Banking server (a specific, secure address), or to a proxy server. The proxy server enables us to isolate our local network from the public Internet. The Online Banking server is connected by a serial port to the main computer that houses the account information. Only a valid transaction request can cause information to be downloaded from the main computer. There is no physical wire connection between the Internet and either our PC LAN or our data processing system. This prevents unauthorized access to our network and any private information.

Can I change my password?

Yes. In fact, we strongly suggest that you change your password regularly. You can change your password by clicking on the security padlock ICON on the upper right corner of your account summary screen. Keep in mind that you also have the option to change your Phone Branch PIN.

What if I forget my password?

Our security system allows you only three opportunities to correctly enter your PIN or password. If you are unsuccessful after three attempts, your account will be locked. You should contact TOPCU for assistance at (520) 881-6262 ext. 702 or toll-ree at (800) 440-8328 to gain access to your online account.

Is there a fee?

There is NO FEE for many of the online financial service features provided.

Are there different types of loan payment options?

Yes, our online service has three loan payment options: On-demand, Monthly and One-time payments.

If I have questions or need assistance with online services, whom do I contact?

You can contact TOPCU by e-mail at or call 881-6262 ext. 702 or toll-free at (800) 440-8328.


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