Member Benefits

Rewards Program Enhancement Notice: 

Important Changes Regarding TOPCU Member Rewards Programs

At TOPCU, the management and staff work very hard to provide the best service and financial products to all of our members—and every member is important to us.  TOPCU is a cooperative organization.  That means we operate the credit union with the mutual benefit of the membership as our focus.  We strive to keep the costs of all of our services as low as possible and—as often as possible—free.

To those members who exemplify higher levels of loyalty to TOPCU, we are able to provide additional benefits.  Higher level of account activities benefit TOPCU overall by providing more revenue—which we are sharing in the form of Rewards Programs.

TOPCU offers 6 different Member Rewards programs:

  • Gold Membership
  • Gold for Life Membership
  • Loan Discounts
  • Nickel Back Checking
  • Visa Credit Card Rewards
  • Money Market Rate

Gold Membership – The current Silver/Gold Reward program has been modified to create a more robust program that will benefit the Gold members and the credit union as a cooperative.  The Silver classification will no longer be available.  The Gold membership level has been enhanced to include free ATM fees up to $6 a month.

The full list of benefits is as follows:

  • Up to $6 a month refunded ATM fees when you do transactions at non-TOPCU ATMs
  • Free temporary checks ($1 per 4)
  • Free lost plastic card replacement ($5)
  • Free official/Cashier’s checks ($5 each)

The savings rate increase will not be a component of the Gold Membership Rewards program but continues to be available through the Money Market account tiers.  The loan discounts will be a new program with a greater variety of discounts available.

The qualifications for meeting the Gold membership have been enhanced as well. These changes in qualifications will allow us to continue with a rewards program that cooperatively serves the credit union while helping individual members.   The new qualifications—all of which must be met on a monthly basis—are as follows:

  • Maintain an open checking account
  • Debit card activity:  at least 15 purchase transactions with a minimum of $5 per transaction
  • A minimum of $500 direct deposited into your TOPCU account
  • Participation in E-Statements.
  • Credit unions are economic democracies. Each credit union member has equal ownership and one vote.
  • Credit unions assist members to become better-educated consumers of financial services.
  • Discounts and Special Passes to area businesses as listed below!

Other Benefits for TOPCU Members

Receive a Special Discount off your Enterprise Rental

Receive a Special Discount off your Enterprise Rental

Click on the link to receive a special discount on your next car rental, just for being a member at TOPCU! Enterprise Rental

Sprint Wireless Offering discounted services to all TOPCU members.

Sprint Wireless Offering discounted services to all TOPCU members.

Sprint Wireless Offering discounted services to all TOPCU members. For more information, use this link Sprint Wireless

Purchase a vehicle with Enterprise Car Sales

Purchase a vehicle with Enterprise Car Sales

TOPCU has partnered with Enterprise Car Sales to offer our members even more benefits for being a part of TOPCU. You can view their inventory here: Enterprise Car Sales Inventory

Receive 35% off Dunn Edwards Paint

Receive 35% off Dunn Edwards Paint

Dunn Edwards Paint – TOPCU Members receive a 35% discount on all Dunn Edwards manufactured paint products. Simply mention that you are a member of Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union.


Rates may be fixed or variable and may include discounts or other promotional conditions. Rates are subject to change without notice.