TOPCU Fee Schedule

TOPCU is a non-for profit, member owned financial services cooperative. Credit union earnings are returned to member owners by providing many free and low cost services and by offering low rates on loans and high yields on savings and investments.

Checking and Money Market Account Fees
Courtesy Pay $32
Temporary Checks $1 per four
Stop Payment $30
Mission checking $20 per month
Check Printing Varies
Share Overdraft Transfer - Over 6 Per Month $5 per month
Credit Card Fees
Cash advance fee 2% with a minimum of $10
Late fee $35
Returned check fee for payments $30
Multi-currency and single currency international transactions 2%
Finance charge adjustment $10
Design Your Own Card $10 per card
Pay by Phone fee $5
ATM/Debit Fees
ATM Deposit Empty Envelope $30
ATM / EFT Correction Fee (per occurrence) $2
Out of Network ATM Fees $2
International Transaction Fee (in U.S. dollars) 1% of each transaction
Lost Card Replacement (Debit, ATM) $10
Real Estate Fees
Automated Valuation Model (Mortgage - Automatic Appraisal) Actual Cost
Subordination Fee $250
Release & Re-conveyance (Replaces Mortgage payoff fee) $25
Late Fee The greater of 5% of late payment, or $10
2nd Place Closed End Mortgage Application Fee $60
2nd Place Closed End Mortgage 3rd Party Fees Actual Cost
HELOC Application Fee - only charged if loan is closed within 2 years $60
HELOC 3rd Party fees - only charged if loan is closed within 2 years Actual Cost
1st Position Mortgage 3rd Party Fees Actual Cost
1st Position Mortgage Origination Fee 1% of Loan Amount
1st Position Mortgage Processing Fee $790
General Fees
Escheated Account Fee $50
Dormant Account Fee (Minors Excluded) $5
Account Closure Fee (< 90 days) $10
Regulation D Violation Fee $25
Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) $45
Invalid address (Returned Mail) $5
IRA Transfer or Closure $25
Service Fees
Returned Item (NSF) Fee $32
Express delivery charge Cost + $10
Research, reconciliation (including checkbook), Legal Process Fee (for receipt of levies, tax liens, attachments, subpoenas, garnishments, etc.) $20 /hr. (1 hour min.)
Fax/Copy Fee (per page) $2
Wire - Domestic (Outgoing) $20
Wire - International (Outgoing) $42
ACH origination fee (onetime payment) $20
ACH - Recurring (Set Up Fee) First time waived $10
ACH - Recurring (Change Fee) $10
Manually Posted Check of Electronic Item $10
Notary - Not Credit Union Required (e.g. no fee for TOPCU Mortgage and Trust Documents) $2 per signature
Returned Checks - 1st Party $32
Returned Checks - 2nd Party $15
International Collection Items $20 + Foreign Bank Fee
Check Copy $2
Copy of Official Check $2
Official/Cashier's Check $5
Money Order $1
Statement Copies/History Printout $2
Paper Statement Fee $1/month
Gift Card $3.95
Levy/Garnishment/Subpoena/Legal Processing Fee $50/hour (1 hour min.)
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Safe Deposit Box Cost
3 x 5 $20
3 x 10 $45
5 x 5 $30
5 x 10 $60
10 x 10 $100
Safe Box Drilling Fee Actual Cost
Safe Box Lost Key (Duplicate Key) $20
Non-Member Fees
3rd Party Check Acceptance Fee $10/check over $100
Check Cashing Fee (on us) $10
TOPCU Official Check Cashing $15
Coin Machine Fee 5% per transaction
Loan Fees
Title Work Fee (MVD) $15 plus MVD fees
UCC Filing Fee $15
Emergency Lien Release Fee $15
Loan Late Payment Fees - Consumer Greater of 5% or Late Payment of $10
Skip A Pay $30
Solar Loan Re-Amortization Fee (within the first 18 months) $25
Business/Commercial Greater of 5% or Late Payment of $50


Rates may be fixed or variable and may include discounts or other promotional conditions. Rates are subject to change without notice.