TOPCU Fraud Alerts

Potential for fraud in online, as well as offline, environments is an unfortunate reality that we take seriously at TOPCU. Fraud is committed when criminals use your personal information to access accounts, make purchases, get medical services, or otherwise use your identity for their own purposes.

The following alerts are part of our ongoing commitment to keep our members informed of recent activity and important information relevant to security.

Debit Card Transactions in Nevada Blocked, POSTED: 9/9/14

September 10, 2014

Due to a recent surge of fraud activity in the state of Nevada, TOPCU has placed a block on all debit card based transactions specifically in Nevada. This fraud has been primarily centered in the city of Las Vegas. TOPCU members that live in Nevada and use their debit cards WILL BE affected by this block. In addition, any businesses that process transactions in Nevada will NOT BE able to process TOPCU member transactions. If you have any questions please contact the credit union.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Q: Why is my card not working when I’m in the state of Nevada?
A: There was a security breach at Home Depot that has had a large effect on many people throughout the nation, many people at TOPCU have been affected by this and their debit cards have been compromised. A large portion of the fraud is originating in the state of Nevada. In order to minimize the amount of fraud activity any TOPCU member would experience, we have blocked the state of Nevada and hope to minimize the impact to our members.

Q: How do I know if my card has been compromised?
A: TOPCU has received notification from our fraud department of the cards that have been compromised and any member who has a compromised card will be notified and will be reissued a new card.

Q: If my card has been compromised, will the debit card I have still work?
A: Yes, but only until you have been contacted by a representative or receive notification from TOPCU. Your current card has been compromised and there is a potential risk of fraud in the future. Pay close attention to your account and notify the Credit Union if there is any activity on your account that you did not authorize.

Q: When will I expect to receive my new card?
A: The normal wait time to receive a new card is 7-10 business days. Due to the severity of the breach, and it affecting more than just TOPCU members, it could take up to 15 business days.

Q: Can I have a card rushed to me, and is there a fee?
A: Yes, the fee can range from $50 – $60. (this is charged by the shipping company, not TOPCU)

Q: How can I access my money in the meantime?
A: Visit any of the TOPCU branches or click on the following link to find a shared branching location: Click Here

Debit Card Transactions in Colorado Blocked – posted 8/1/14

August 1, 2014

Due to a recent surge of fraud activity in the state of Colorado TOPCU has placed a block on all debit card based transactions specifically in Colorado. TOPCU members that live in Colorado and use their debit cards will not be affected. If you have any questions please contact the credit union.

Debit Transactions in Mexico – posted 6/3/14

June 23, 2014

Due to the height of recent fraud in Mexico, we will be placing a block on any transactions coming out of Mexico. If you are planning to travel to Mexico, please contact the credit union to let us know so we can remove the block prior to your travel.
This process takes effect quickly (usually within 3 hours), but we recommend that members let the credit union know at least 24 hours before traveling to Mexico to avoid any issues with using your debit card.

IRS Phone Call Scam – posted 4/22/14

June 23, 2014

There is a large scale scam taking place where taxpayers are receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to represent the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in an effort to defraud them. Callers claiming to be from the IRS tell intended victims they owe taxes and must pay using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer.

For more information about this scam please visit

Text Alert Scam – posted: 7/17/13

June 5, 2014

TOPCU has been notified that some of our members received a text alert asking them to call a number to provide their debit card number. THIS IS A SCAM. The credit union will never contact our members and ask you to provide your card number or PIN. If you did respond to the text and provide your personal information, please contact the credit union at (520) 881-6262.


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